Thursday, September 23, 2010

September is Childhood Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. As we do every year, My Forever Child is making a donation to Cure Search and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance from our September sales.

This year we are also making a donation to the Layla Grace Foundation. This is a little girl who passed away 6 months ago at 2 years old from neuroblastoma. Her story, pictures, and videos shatter my heart to pieces and brings to reality what a devastation childhood cancer is on the child and the family. But in her short time on earth, Layla Grace made a big impact on the world and her parents and supporters are continuing on her legacy with her foundation. Here is their mission statement.

The Layla Grace Children’s Cancer Research Foundation exists to:

~Find new treatments for childhood cancers with the lowest survival rates.
~Spread awareness about childhood cancer.
~Touch the lives of children in treatment.

Please visit one of these great organizations above for more information, to spread awareness and to make your own donations.

We are giving away two charms for awareness of these devastating cancers. They feature sterling silver support ribbons and message beads with gold color crystal for children's cancer and teal color crystal for ovarian cancer. The charms have our Zipper Pull-Lanyard Clip attachment so it can be worn on a bag, backpack, jacket or keychain.

To enter to win one of these charms above, post a comment in this blog post. Or visit our Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment under the September Awareness Charm Giveaway post. Two winners will be chosen at random on September 30th.

The winners of the Ovarian Cancer and Childhood Cancer charms are Gayla Roman and Jessika Anne. Thank you to all who participated.

I have several new and updated designs to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Right now I am giving away this design in a KEYCHAIN version. The winner's completed Keychain will be photographed as a sample piece for my website

To enter the giveaway:
-> use the comment box for this blog post to state what you would have written on the front and back of the round disc, and on the back of the Baby Footprints Charm.
->Please be specific in your details.
->Please only post your entry in the blog comment box or through our Facebook Giveaway link, only these entries will be considered.
-> Please do not email your entry.
-> Please forward, tweet, share this giveaway with anyone who might be interested.
-> Winner will be picked on Monday, Sept 27th
-> Thank You and Good Luck!!

The winner of the Thinking of You Customized Footprints Keychain is Christy Braatz.
Thank you to all who participated.

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Anonymous said...

I would love the childhood cancer awareness ribbon. I would send it to my little buddy Max Nunn's mom. Max is battling a devastating case of brain cancer and it has just worsened. They are on my mind and in my heart every minute of every day. Thank you.
Jennifer Powers

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the keychain! On the round disk Front- My Sweet Angel and on the Back- Gone too soon. On the back of the footprints I would want Rylan 5/15/10. I gave birth to my angel "Rylan Jayce Krieger" at 22 wks 6 days after almost a month and a half of being in the hospital due to complications of the pregnancy. Rylan lived for almost an hour and a half before taking his last breaths in my arms! He is my guardian angel now and is watching over his mommy, daddy, and 3 year old brother! Thank you for all that you do us! This is an incredible company! God Bless you! Brittani Krieger

diane said...

I would love to give this keychain to my daughter Dina. She lost Dylan Rose at 100 SIDS.

The discs are perfect as is. I would request Dylan Rose
on the back of the heart charm.

Thank you so much for all you do.
Diane Richards

Anonymous said...

I had my daughter Gracelyn Hope on Jan. 18 2010, she had anencephaly. Unfortunately she was stillborn, so the only memories I have of her is her little pokes and jabs up until they broke my water. I would love to have the keychain, on the front I'd like to leave it the same, and on the back I'd like to have her name, Gracelyn Hope, and on the back of the prints I'd like to have 1-18-10. Thank you so much for what you do.

Alisha Miller

Susan Ashton said...

I love your jewelry. The "Forever in my Heart" pendant was the first thing I received in the hospital after losing our full term baby girl, Julia Faith, to a heart defect we had no idea she had until her birth. She only lived for 12 hours and was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She was perfect when she was born and I was able to look into her eyes and the first words I spoke to her were "You are so beautiful." 8 minutes later she was rushed to the NICU and passed away 12 hours later. I wore your pendant every day. It somehow made me feel connected to her like nothing else did at that time. Thank you for creating such beautiful keepsakes. If I would create the disc pendant I would write "Too Beautiful for Earth" on the front of the disc and "Julia Faith" on the back of the disc. On the back of the footprints I would write November 6, 2009.

Moose & Mommy said...

the keychain would be perfect for my baby girl that we lost at birth this summer.

i'd put her name on the front of the circle-
Eliana Marie

the back of the circle-
My Angel Baby

the back of the footprints-

Heather said...

Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I'm always admiring your work, just haven't had the opportunity to order anything yet. One of these days, I will have some of your jewelry though!

One the round disc, I would have "Our Baby Girl" on the front and "Forever in Our Hearts" on the back. On the back of the footprints charm I would include her name and date of birth and death: Madelyn, 8/28/09

Alyssa said...

On the round disc I would put "My Angel Missionary" on one side and " 'Til We Meet Again" on the other side. On the footprints charm I would put "Gavin 9/29/10". What a wonderful company.

ali.long said...

I would the childhood cancer ribbon, for my son Oliver, who gained his angel wings last year aged just two to neuroblastoma, a very aggressive cildhood cancer. He was my world and he is loved and missed with every bit of my broken heart. xxx

Jen said...

The keychain would be a beautiful piece for me to remember my son, Logan. He grew his angel wings only 30 minutes after his birth on April 7, 2004, due to a respiratory disorder in which his trachea never developed. I know he watches over his little sisters from Heaven! On the front of the disc, I love "Forever in My Heart." On the back, I would put "Too Perfect for Earth." On the back of the footprints, I would put "Logan~ 04/07/04."

I've admired your jewelry for some time now and am thankful for all the hard work you do for families all over!

Jessie Lastre said...

I would love to have the keychain as a remembrance for my angel baby boy, Gabriel Eric.

On the front of the round disc: "MY ANGEL IN HEAVEN" and on the back of the round disc: "FOR ALWAYS AND EVER". On the back of the Baby Footprints Charm: "Gabriel Eric 9.29.08".

I lost my angel exactly two years ago when he was diagnosed with anencephaly during my pregnancy. He is my first and only child. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Jessica Lastre

Kristen said...

When i found out i was pregnant with her, i started having problems. Yesterday was the day i gave birth to my daughter. I had only carried her for 23 weeks. She was born at 8:35pm. Shortly after she passed. I look at the pictures and wish that she was still inside of me. Instead I am thankful that i ordered anecklace from your website.
Another thing that i wish for is the custom engraved keychain for her father. This would have been his first little girl and she would have been the light of his life. I have the footprints if you want me to send them. Thank you. Kristen Crumpton